Histology - Embryology lab
Medical School, University of Crete

Dragana Nikitovic Ph.D., ERT
Associate Professor of
Histology - Embryology
e-mail: nikitovic@uoc.gr
office: +0030 2810 39 4557
lab: +0030 2810 39 4735

The lab / Facilities of the Histology - Embryology laboratory

Teaching Laboratory of Histology

The practical Histology examinations are held in the specially equipped microscope room of the Histology Laboratory. The Histology Microscopy Room boasts 65 modern optical microscopes, with the goal of giving each student access to own microscope with the individual set of histological plates that cover all of the tissues and organs taught during the Histology course. The Microscopy Room is fully equipped, containing benches with numbered places per microscope and each student is responsible for his/her working place. The Histology Microscopy Room has two teaching projectors and three television screens attached to the teacher's microscope enabling detailed study of histological preparations as part of the Histology training lab.

The Histology Practical Lab is held every Thursday and Friday, according to the course schedule. Practical histological examination follows the teaching of each lecture in the auditorium with the students being divided into groups. At the start of each laboratory exercise the main tissue elements that students are examining are described and correlated to the structure of the tissues and organs of each system. During the Laboratory exercise, the students have ample time to discuss with staff any questions or difficulties in identifying target tissues when examining histological sections using photon microscope. The aim of the correlated to each lecture, laboratory exercises, is for the students to identify different organs, structures and individual organ characteristics as depicted by photon microscope.

The Histology Microscopy Room is open, beyond the set time of the exercises, for students who want to study further the histological preparations, upon consultation with the staff of the Histology-Embryology Laboratory.

In the educational activities of the Laboratory of Histology, senior students showing enthusiasm and genuine interest for Histology have been actively involved for many years, after adequate training by Histology Laboratory staff. Some of our student Instructors have been diligently involved in the research activities of the lab for several years, which resulted in their participation in publications or even in obtaining a doctorate after completing their student obligations.

Teaching Laboratory of Embryology

Embryology training workshops are held on specific dates, which are scheduled at the beginning of the semester and have the character of a seminar. In these seminars, further analysis is made on specific topics of the course. The aim of the seminars is to further deepen the course of Embryology in specific diseases due to fetal abnormalities. At the end of each semester, the following exams are taken to certify the knowledge gained by students in conducting lab exercises.

INNOvation with GLYcans
Faculty of Medicine, University of Crete
Hybrid Symposium
27-29 September
Heraklion, Greece & Zoom Platform
Poster, Timetable

Special Issue
"Exploring the Multifaceted Roles of Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) - New Advances and Further Challenges"
Dr. Dragana Nikitovic
Dr. Serge Perez

Special Issue
"The Role of Extracellular Matrix in Cancer Development and Progression"
Professor George Tzanakakis
Professor Dragana Nikitovic

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