Histology - Embryology lab
Medical School, University of Crete

Dragana Nikitovic Ph.D., ERT
Associate Professor of
Histology - Embryology
e-mail: nikitovic@uoc.gr
office: +0030 2810 39 4557
lab: +0030 2810 39 4735


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INNOvation with GLYcans
Faculty of Medicine, University of Crete
Hybrid Symposium
27-29 September
Heraklion, Greece & Zoom Platform
Poster, Timetable

Special Issue
"Exploring the Multifaceted Roles of Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) - New Advances and Further Challenges"
Dr. Dragana Nikitovic
Dr. Serge Perez

Special Issue
"The Role of Extracellular Matrix in Cancer Development and Progression"
Professor George Tzanakakis
Professor Dragana Nikitovic

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